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Seminars & Specialty Classes

The Doll Artisan Guild (D.A.G.) seminar program provides continuing and higher education for porcelain dollmakers through the Doll Artisan Guild School of Dollmaking (DAGSD), the oldest and largest dollmaking school in the world. It is the foremost school of its kind, dedicated exclusively to the advancement, enjoyment, and education of porcelain dollmakers.


The Doll Artisan Guild (D.A.G.) seminars program provides ongoing education in porcelain dollmaking. The D.A.G. offers instruction in making both modern and antique reproduction dolls. Beautiful Dolls and Apprentice seminars are designed to teach you basic skills and techniques in porcelain dollmaking. Porcelain Concepts seminar introduces you to both modern and antique reproduction dolls plus porcelain decorative arts. When you have completed your Level I seminars you will have the skills to advance to specialty seminars. As you progress through the Doll Artisan School of Dollmaking (D.A.G.S.D.) you earn certificates, medallions, or diplomas for each title earned. Seminars are hosted by D.A.G. approved doll studios worldwide. Check the Doll Artisan Guild’s website for the location of a studio in your area for more information on upcoming seminars. If you are interested in attending seminars at Fancy That, please call us at 630/655-1022 or email  us at

Specialty classes include various areas of study such as costuming, crochet, sculpting, and so much more. These classes range from 1 – 3 days.

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