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Doll Studio

10S760 S. Jackson St., Burr Ridge, IL 60527  Ph:(630) 655-1022 Fax::(630)-655-9806


Weekly Class Schedule

Wednesday 6 pm - 9 pm
Thursday 9 am - 12 noon

Weekly Class Fees

 4 Class Pass (payable beginning of month)   $32.00
 Weekly Class   $10.00
 Semi-private Class (8 hrs.)-min. 3 people   $50.00
 Private Class (8 hrs.) $100.00

Are you new to porcelain dollmaking? Check out our
                          4 Dolls 4 Fun Program.

This exciting program guides beginning dollmakers through the steps to complete four dolls, each providing the student with new skills to learn. The series begins with introducing you to the basic steps to dollmaking with My Princess – cleaning greenware, basic painting and assembly. The second doll, Nick/Nicki, builds on the basics and introduces eye cutting and more painting skills. The third doll, Eve, is all porcelain. Here you begin to use all the skills learned plus an introduction to more advanced painting skills. The fourth doll, Kate, takes you to the last level where you incorporate all the skills you’ve learned plus more. At the end of level four, you will have a strong foundation built, the confidence to go on to make all the other dolls you want and we will award you with a certificate of accomplishment.

My Princess
19" Sleeping Baby doll
20" Adorable Toddler
15.5" All Porcelain Beauty
28" Young Lady full of character

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